Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving day

20th June, the 38th death anniversary of our beloved fonder was kept as a day of thanksgiving to the Lord by the community of Jyoti Bhavan, as he is decaled Venerable by Pope Francis on 3rd March 2016. The Founder’s day celebrations were preceded by nine days of creatively organized prayer service and talks by the Sisters and the Aspirants. The portrait of Venerable Stephen Ferrando was well decorated and was kept in the community hall all through the nine days of novena. On 20th at 6.00 pm there was solemn Eucharistic celebration presided over by His Lordship Rt. Rev. Michael Akasius Toppo, The Bishop of Tezpur and concelebrated from 13 priests from nearby institutions. Sisters from various religious congregations, CST brothers, the Teen mile Sisters, Aspirants, boards, and nearby Catholic families attend the function. 
The introduction to the Holy Mass presented a clear profile of the life and holiness of Bp. Stephen Ferrando. His Lordship Rt. Rev. Michael Akasius Toppo, in his homily further highlighted the saintly life of our founder. He acknowledged the great contribution of MSMHC to the entire world especially to the people of North East India. The floral decoration, entrance dance, offertory procession, prayer of the faithful and the melodious singing by the Sisters and Aspirants of Teenmile and Jyoti Bhavan added exuberance to the celebration.

After the Holy Mass the assembly gathered before the portrait of Venerable Stephen Ferrando to pay the tribute to him. It began with ‘Ajpavan din hei’ a classical prayer dance by the Aspirants Followed by the offering of a lighted candle in a flower bouquet by His Lordship Rt. Rev. Michael Akasius Toppo and Sr. Anita George, the provincial superior while the Aspirants of Teenmile accorded ‘Glory Glory to our Father’. Then the entire assembly was invited to give floral tribute to Venerable Stephen Ferrando while singing ‘Let Voices…’ After this the aspirants of Jyoti Bhavan thanked for the gift of Stephen Ferrando through a dance. Sr. Shashi Lakra on behalf of the community proposed vote of thanks to everyone present. It was followed by grant festive meal for all. 

As the assembly dispersed after the dinner the picture of Venerable Stephen Ferrando with the prayer was distributed for all.

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